The crux of abortion debate: Is it murder?

I was surprised and delighted to open The Sun and read an inspiring commentary on the op-ed page ("Abortion ethics not so simple," Aug. 28). Christopher Dreisbach has finally given this topic the objective, honest look it so rightly deserves. This kind of material not only credits him, but The Sun by association.

The core of the piece asks us to step back and ask what makes us human and what constitutes life. These are the questions that drive those of us who are pro-life, not a wish to control others. I believe that abortion is, in fact, a form of murder, not much different from infanticide, especially in late term.

If you have ever looked at a sonogram, you would clearly see what is undeniably the body of a human child, with arms and legs, fingers and toes. There are even picture of babies sucking their thumbs in utero. How does one look at this and still ask "Is this a person?"

Timothy Mills, Catonsville

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