Archbishop Lori wants to have it both ways

Either the Catholic faith organically grows and its teachings change accordingly, or its treasury of doctrinal statements is complete. Yet we find Church officials claiming to have it both ways at once (Not a break but a continuum," Aug. 18).

The Catholic hierarchy, Protestant churches, television preachers, non-Christians — these may attempt to package or define Jesus and Christianity — but they miss a fundamental truth. I have heard that truth put crudely, but memorably, "Jesus is out of the box."

Perhaps Jesus set a-moving a transformative wave within human kind. Something embedded within the human was called forth by the first Jesus Movement. Curiously, that something was voiced once again 50 years ago within the rigidity of the Roman Catholic organization.

Creation isn't done with us yet and neither is the enlightenment to the inner and shared divinity that Jesus preached and demonstrated.

John Ciekot

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