Paul Ryan has a plan; President Obama has gimmickry

In response to your editorial vilifying the Paul Ryan vice presidential selection ("The wrong vision," Aug. 12): There you go again. While the White House and the Senate democrats offer no budgets, or in the president's case several budgets that failed to gain even one vote by his own party, any attempt to offer solutions is demonized. The president couldn't even get on board with the Bowles-Simpson plan, crafted by a commission formed by a the president himself.

Mr. Obama embraced almost no aspects of the plan, showing a total lack of leadership. The Senate Democrats and the president are only interested in the political expediency for the moment. Don't offer any credible plan, then demonize the opposition plan until after the election, at which time you can pass all of the tax increases you would like. The taxes won't be for " millionaires and billionaires" only. Even now the Democrats are using a household income of $250,000 as the threshold to being rich. The deficit problem won't be solved by taxing the rich. By the Democrats' own account, the proposed increases in federal income taxes will only fund the federal government for eight days. There need to be politicians that are least willing to offer a plan. Paul Ryan, whatever you think of his plan, has done that. This president and his party haven't. Shame on them.

David P. Miller

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