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Sandusky lawyer comments insensitive, unprofessional

Clearly, neither defense attorney Joe Amendola, who has represented Jerry Sandusky in the Penn State sexual abuse trial, nor anyone close to him has ever been a victim of sexual child abuse ("Sandusky's wife: Accuser conniving," June 20).

Whether or not the charges against Mr. Sandusky prove to be true, this case needs to be handled with the utmost professionalism. Mr. Amendola's remarks including "stay tuned," and "it's like a soap [opera]," etc., show a complete lack of understanding of the seriousness of cases like this one.

It is one thing to believe in your client. It is another to joke about any aspect of a case that needs to be handled in a manner that ensures that justice is upheld for both sides. Nothing about the ongoing trial should be mocked. It is not a soap opera, it is real life.

Jeanne Kloss, White Hall

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