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City police need to rethink priorities

Sometimes the simplest solution to a problem is the most elusive. I'm no expert on police deployment, but it seems to make sense that reassigning patrolling officers to higher-crime areas would be a good first step in protecting the city and its citizens. One example of this plan should be an immediate cutback of traffic enforcement after dark when the need is far less, and redeploying these traffic officers into high-risk crime areas and undermanned tourist areas as foot patrolmen.

Oh, wait. I almost forgot that traffic enforcement is a big revenue generator for the city. While I'm being cited for driving 42 mph in a 35 mph zone, eight people are being shot or stabbed or frightened out of their wits by unruly mobs. As a 28-year resident of downtown Baltimore and a vocal booster of city living, my concerns are growing on a daily basis.

Baltimore's mayor and police commissioner need to rethink their strategy and deploy the troops where it will do the most good in the war on crime.

Arnold Paskoff, Baltimore

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