Prosecutors should pursue videotaped beating case to the maximum

I'm writing in response to the decision of Baltimore prosecutors to reduce charges in the St. Patrick's beating ("Half of the charges are dropped in taped beating," May 10). I believe that the government should take this case more seriously.

They have evidence due to this videotaping that four people beat and robbed a tourist. Is that not enough? Why are the charges being dropped? If you cannot walk down a Baltimore street without being attacked, obviously the government officials are not doing their jobs. These people should be charged and sentenced to the fullest. This world has come to violence, and if the government doesn't do something about it, it will eventually happen everywhere.

The Sun states, "More than half of the 24 charges filed against four young people accused in the brutalSt. Patrick's Dayattack and robbery of a tourist in Baltimore, which was videotaped and widely viewed online, have been dropped, according to Internet court records." First of all, it was recorded and second of all, there are 24 charges that were originally established. This is absolutely mind-blowing. I'm 17 years old and to think that I could walk down the street and someone attack me, and no charges will be held against them.

The government should stop procrastinating and take care of these types of situations before they become our future.

Brittany Graves, Bel Air

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