How will Leopold spin the charges against him?

It never ceases to amaze me how when certain people are put in positions of power they shred, flaunt and abuse the privileges of their office.

Take the gnarled mess that is going on in Anne Arundel County, where Police Chief Col. James E. Teare Sr. is facing a "no confidence" vote from the very people he supervises ("Teare appears before council, won't answer," March 27). How can he possibly stay in his position while those he commands are reluctant to carry out their duties while he remains the chief?

County Executive John R. Leopold is the Teflon politician when it comes to accusations regarding his having sex with a county employee in a vehicle parked in a county parking lot — and this supposedly while county police were keeping watch on the vehicle.

Mr. Leopold claims that his side of the story will come out in court. I can't wait to hear how he will spin that.

It annoys me when I read these two men remain defiant about not stepping down. Power can certainly beget arrogance, which in turn can lead to a total aura of invincibility. It's another incredible scenario where fact absolutely trumps fiction.

Patrick R. Lynch, Nottingham

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