A prayer for a better federal budget

It is imperative that people of faith speak up in support of a federal budget process that is true to the best moral traditions of our country. The federal budget is a document that reflects the values that we hold to be most important. Continuation of funding for programs that strengthen and enrich lives, support the most vulnerable among us, and serve the common good should be the foundation for decisions made in prioritizing budget choices.

These are challenging financial times for our nation as Congress makes the difficult choices necessary to balance the concerns for reduction of a mounting debt with the financial commitment that a moral country must make to preserve the dignity and welfare of all people served by that government. As people of faith, we pray that our government officials are led by their consciences to make the choices that their respective God would call them to make. We ask you to add your prayers and your voice, as you are moved to do so, during this critical time when our country moves forward in the budget process.

Ron and Cindy Gunderson, Ellicott City

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