Trayvon Martin coverage shows liberal bias

The Sun's article about Trayvon Martin ("'We are Trayvon,' marchers proclaim," March 27) reflects The Sun's liberal bias. That article had the largest font of any page-one heading, making it the most prominent front-page article. Buried on page eight was an article that addresses the facts of the incident that resulted in Trayvon Martin's death ("Witnesses back Fla. Shooter's account of attack, police say," March 27).

The page one article states that "Trayvon was shot by [George] Zimmerman as he walked through a gated community." The page-eight article states that Mr. Zimmerman's claim that Trayvon knocked him to the ground, jumped on top of him and slammed his head against the sidewalk several times "has been corroborated by witnesses." Other reports have confirmed that Mr. Zimmerman's injuries are consistent with his account.

It's pretty clear that Trayvon Martin was not shot because he walked through a gated community; rather, he was shot because he violently assaulted Mr. Zimmerman. What was Mr. Zimmerman supposed to do, let Trayvon smash his head against the sidewalk until he was seriously injured or killed?

Maybe Mr. Zimmerman had no business following Trayvon or asking him what he was doing — although, arguably, that's what neighborhood watch volunteers are supposed to do — but that would not justify Trayvon physically attacking Mr. Zimmerman.

If Trayvon had been white, his death would not have been national news, much less front-page news a month later. The facts, as corroborated by witnesses, and Mr. Zimmerman's injuries, would have justified the authorities' contention that Mr. Zimmerman acted in self-defense. End of story. But Trayvon was black. Thus, liberal orthodoxy dictates that he be portrayed as a victim, regardless of the facts. The Trayvon demonstrators are like a lynch mob without a rope. The national media has become their rope. Keep up the pressure long enough and maybe Mr. Zimmerman will be arrested, indicted and convicted of murder, another sacrifice on the altar of political correctness.

David Holstein, Parkville

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