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'Stand your ground' didn't make Trayvon Martin safer

I had to read Bill Krehbrink's letter twice to figure out that he was in favor of George Zimmerman's actions in Florida ("'Stand your ground' makes Florida residents safer," March 26). He seems very concerned that Mr. Zimmerman not even be tried because he is "innocent until proven guilty." Does he not understand that Trayvon Martin was considered "guilty until proven innocent"?

Florida's laws certainly don't make it safer for young blacks wearing hoodies and carrying Skittles. Trayvon also did everything the "stupid" Florida law requires; he offered no resistance, he tucked his tail and walked away. And a fat lot of good it did him. A man, who was told by the police not to pursue him, shot him anyway.

Safer for everybody, indeed.

Dani Rice, Bradshaw

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