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Readers deserve the full story about Khalid firing

I read the very brief article "Managing news editor Sunni Khalid out at WYPR-FM" (March 19). I really expected more. Was this an example of censorship/McCarthyism at the public radio station? Criticize the Israeli occupation on Facebook, and your head must roll?

Does the station believe in the First Amendment right to free speech? Why can't an employee express his personal belief on Facebook as long as his perspective does not affect the work he does for the station?

And it was a journalistic low for The Sun to claim that Mr. Khalid made an obscene gesture to a former Sun employee who refused to name the alleged individual. What does that have to do with the fact that Mr. Khalid was fired, probably for exercising his First Amendment right?

As a subscriber to the paper and a listener to public radio, I am looking forward to The Baltimore Sun doing a detailed article about what happened to cause a WYPR news editor to be fired. This firing deserves a competent and complete investigation.

Max Obuszewski, Baltimore

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