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'Stand your ground' make Florida residents safer

So much for "innocent before proven guilty"! Not only does the liberal newspaper editorial board hang people even before an arrest they also condemn an entire state for the laws enacted to protect it's citizens ("License to kill," March 23).

Former Baltimore City Councilman Kenneth Harris surely would have loved to have Florida's laws protecting him just before he was murdered. Councilman Harris did everything that stupid Maryland requires; he abandoned his friend in an emergency; he offered no resistance; and he tucked his tail and ran away. Maryland's law did not help him or save him. If it was his job to carry a lot of money, maybe the state police superintendent would have given him a concealed carry permit that would have saved his life.

As it was Councilman Harris, only had a wife, three kids, and his home to protect. So, no permit. All this angst coming from an editorial board that espouses un-Constitutional actions and support for laws that have been ruled anti-Constitutional in a city that has 200-plus murders every year.

Bill Krehnbrink, Perry Hall

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