Women find 'Doonesbury' strip on abortion right on the mark

Letter writer John Rutkowski has a right to his views, but his comments on Gary Trudeau's comic strip were infuriating and disgusting ("Idiotic 'Doonesbury' strip on abortion insults readers," March 20).

First, Mr. Trudeau's comic strips on the Texas abortion law were satirical, humorous and right on the mark. Would Mr. Rutkowski like a government-mandated, invasive "wanding" of his internal parts? I think not.

Second, to compare Mr. Trudeau's wonderful artistic talent to Howard Stern's crude objectification and denigration of women is completely off the mark.

The vast majority of women would thoroughly disagree with Mr. Rutkowski's views. Kudos to The Sun for maintaining Doonesbury.

Elaine Gittlen

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