Economic policies coming from Annapolis have stifled job growth

A report last year that Maryland ranked last in the nation for job creation over the previous 12 months deserves a response ("Maryland ranks last in job creation," June 18).

Let's get rid of the Baltimore Development Corporation, the Maryland Economic Development Group, and any public or quasi-public group in this state that has business development in its charter.

Think of all the millions of dollars we could save to put to better use, such as lowering the personal and corporate tax rates here.

The economic policies of the dim bulbs in Annapolis have hampered private-sector job growth and put all Marylanders in these unenviable rankings. Change is needed to bring businesses back to this state and city.

Now that Constellation Energy is headquartered in Chicago, Baltimore now has no Fortune 500 companies headquartered here. What a disgrace!

Jim Rogers, Baltimore

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