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Asian students set better example, if not a jump shot

There is something wrong with the U.S. We marvel at the increasing mental intelligence of people living in India and China, especially in the cyber field, and how they provide technical assistance to so many American companies. And we wonder, why?

In the U.S., children grow up with denigrating terms as "geeks" or "nerds" to label such high-achievers while adulating stars on the athletic field who earn big bucks for performance on professional sports teams.

There is nothing wrong with sports and the health benefits which accompany the activity. On the other hand, one must question the integrity of degrees awarded to those "stars" who spent much of each week's "study" on the athletic fields.

Of course, athletes who perform well on college teams benefit the universities in the publicity generated for them and the financial benefits that follow. Witness the current "March Madness," and the various football "bowls" of midwinter that take away time normally spent on studies (not only for participants but the fanatics at the participating schools).

For students in Asian countries education is it, 24/7.

There is a lot to learn here about what goes on there and the why they are getting better at the task.

Richard L. Lelonek, Baltimore

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