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No votes for women-hating Republicans

I found it very interesting that a reader wrote in about birth control and the economy and chastised Susan Reimer for making an issue of birth control ("Reimer wrong on birth control flap," March 13). The GOP is the one who was brought up the issues related to birth control at a time when the economy should be the topic on the news!

It is ludicrous and completely demoralizing how the issue of health care for women has devolved into an argument about the rights of women to control their health, their bodies, their sexuality, etc. These men who hate women and want them to have no rights at all in this country are the ones the reader should be angry at, not Ms. Reimer. She wants women to not forget the injustices come election day and I can assure you that I, and most of my female friends and relatives, will not forget.

We are more worried about the state of our economy, but we will not allow these attacks to be forgotten and we will not stop fighting back. We will vote against women-hating candidates in November — which means most of the Republican Party candidates.

Betsy Schindler, Baltimore

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