Marylanders get taxed to keep the rich happy

Last year, Gus Bauman, chairman of Maryland's blue-ribbon transportation commission, stated, "We've got a serious problem. The federal spigot is running dry." His commission advised a series of tax and fee increases on Marylanders to pay for things such as road improvements and pollution clean up — hardly frivolous types of spending.

More recently, The Sun reported, "A decrease in boat sales in recent years and the elimination of federal funds to clear channels led the state to seek more revenue from registration fees" ("DNR Seeks Smaller Boat Registration Fee Increases," March 13).

Why is the federal spigot running dry? Why were federal funds for clearing channels eliminated?

Because Congressional Republicans, in service to Grover Norquist and the Koch brothers, obstruct any tax increases on the super-wealthy at the federal level.

Are you enjoying the higher bridge tolls? Are you looking forward to a higher sales and fuel taxes? Are you savoring the idea of higher boating and vehicle fees? Then keep voting Republicans and tea party members into Congress. This will ensure that billionaires and multi-national corporations can hoard even more money while you pay higher (and regressive) taxes, tolls, and fees to make up for the revenue gap. Mr. Norquist thanks you for your cooperation.

Brent McKee, Arnold

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