Schools should be built where kids live, not in a retirement community

When letter writer Susan Brown turns 75, sells her family home and moves to a quiet retirement area, she will be better equipped to opine whether or not she thinks a 700-seat elementary school is appropriate in her backyard ("Mays Chapel school would be an asset to the area," March 11).

If she is like the several thousand people who actually live here and have signed the petition to stop the building, she quite possibly would even join our protest. The planned unit development to which she refers was signed many years ago, before Mays Chapel North became an area to retire to after you sold your family home.

A school should be built in the area it serves, but we have by actual account only 10 children who board a school bus. We are not against the building of a school, but we are against building it in the middle of a retirement community and destroying the quality of life for the seniors who live here.

Mary McGibbon, Timonium

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