Arm the law-abiding and crime goes down

The Sun's editorial regarding Maryland's carry law ("Attack on Md. gun laws," March 7) showed a bias against guns and law-abiding citizens who might choose to carry them. The justification for great concern over qualified, law-abiding citizens carrying guns is the threat handguns pose to citizens of Maryland. You did not mention the appalling number of murders in Maryland that the existing restrictive permit laws did nothing to stop. Criminals don't have a permit problem, and they don't have to worry about the average citizen being armed.

The only statistics that you quoted were from the Violence Policy Center, an anti-gun group. Those statistics, nationwide — 11 law enforcement officers killed and 30 murder-suicides — in a two-year period by people permitted to carry concealed guns should have embarrassed you. Was a crime being committed when the law enforcement officers were killed? Did all these events take place on the streets with a concealed weapon? How do we compare those statistics with the number of people killed in Maryland in just one year by people without permits?

You mention that New York and New Jersey also have very restrictive laws. However, you didn't mention that over 40 states have right-to-carry laws. Do you know that crime goes down, not up in those states?

Everyone with a clean record is a law-abiding citizen until they prove otherwise and we must trust law-abiding citizens. Can we do anything else and remain a free society?

Ronald Thomson, Glen Burnie

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