Sun election coverage not so super

I am mystified. The Sun's front-page coverage of Super Tuesday was a masterful effort to frustrate the reader ("Voters give a mixture of wins," March 7). The importance of the primary warranted only 1/8th of a page, and the small photo was of Mitt Romney winning in Massachusetts which was hardly unexpected.

The lead sentence said the former Massachusetts governor was able to claim victory in Massachusetts, Virginia and Vermont, the next mentioned New Gingrich's win in Georgia and Rick Santorum capturing Tennessee, Oklahoma and North Dakota. Finally, a mention of the close-fought contest in Ohio "which Romney appears to have won."

Not until readers turned to Page 8 did we get a headline stating, "Romney narrowly takes Ohio," and information about the importance of that state in GOP elections. What is with you people? You should be ashamed of yourselves for such "reporting."

S. M. Schmidt, Middle River

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