War on women? Try war on Republicans

Jessica Valenti's op-ed "A war on women" (March 5) would have been better titled "A war on Republicans." Abortion is not for women, it is for men! Men who engage in sexual acts forced or consensual and take no responsibility for the intercourse that could result in pregnancy.

Abortion is not a choice, it is a consequence. The slogan "A woman's right to choose" is erroneous.

Many women do not show up at abortion clinics because they choose. Most women did not willingly plan an unwanted pregnancy, did they? No, it is a consequence of a sex act that resulted in "whoops" or a sex act they were forced to have unwillingly. In either case, the man is accountable, and it was his choice!

There are many men enjoying the pleasures of sex and loving the slogan "A woman's right to choose" because they reap the fruit of the pleasure of sex without the consequence and responsibility of caring for the woman or the unwanted pregnancy.

Three cheers for President George W. Bush, Rick Santorum and the other Republican men who supported the partial birth abortion ban because unlike feminists, they know many men are not doing what is right for women and the unborn.

Republicans are not warring against women, Ms. Valenti, they are calling men into accountability. After all, when men are often to blame, why should women be saddled with the final responsibility?

Beth Perskie, Baltimore

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