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Americans need to wake up to the 'jobs war'

I have no idea what opportunities exist for Hakha Chin speakers in Baltimore, but it's good refugees understand job competition ("Short course in American life," March 3). Now let's find a way to train young Americans in the same game of musical chairs that the Baltimore Orientation Center provides.

A six-year Gallup "World Poll" study on what most people all over the world desire discovered "what the whole world wants is a good job."

It's time Americans woke up to this worldwide job struggle. Gallup Chairman Jim Clifton's recent book "The Coming Jobs War" is frightening but worth reading. I fear Americans take full time employment for granted, and musical chairs is an excellent indoctrination for what lies ahead.

One of your recent Commentaries described the enormous influx of foreign students taking summer jobs all over the United States. When I asked some employers in Ocean City why they preferred the State Department sponsored Summer Work Travel workers to Americans, many responded it's because American kids don't want minimum wage jobs and don't work as hard as the foreign students.

Isn't it about time we use the techniques Baltimore Orientation Center is teaching refugees in our schools? It's a sad day when over 100,000 foreign workers are imported to the U.S. to take the summer jobs American kids don't want!

Rosalind Heid, Baltimore

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