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Birth control pill is not only about pregnancy

Maybe it's time we change the name of the birth control pill. What Rush Limbaugh doesn't understand is that women are not always about men. The so-called "pill" has been out for over 50 years now, and we aren't going to give it up.

It changed our lives. We are in control, and it's not always about not getting pregnant. It really should be called "the regulator," or perhaps the "health pill." There are many benefits for going on this course of medicine. We can control our periods (something men don't understand). It helps with pre-menstrual syndrome so that we don't have to miss school or work once each month. It has been proven to reduce certain cancer risks.

The overall health benefits of this medicine extend far beyond birth control. So let's change the name so politicians don't confuse science and medicine. The pill has saved lives. I bet if women looked into their health policies, they would be shocked to find out the insurance companies will cover Viagra at a cost of about $10 a pill, and I don't see any research suggesting it saves lives.

I sure hope women don't let people like Mr. Limbaugh suppress their lives and those of their daughters. He's the ignorant one to think it's all about sex. But then again maybe we should just keep this a secret about how women really want to empower themselves.

Ellen Pinto

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