Overpaid driver demonstrates waste in school system

Something is very wrong here when an employee of the Baltimore public schools system can have a base salary of $76,000 for driving a car — not to mention earn an additional $78,000 in overtime ("Overtime costing schools millions," March 2). A city teacher with a master's degree and 25 years experience doesn't make $76,000 a year. This is a total insult to the taxpayers and once again shows the waste in the Baltimore schools.

According to Tisha Edwards, these are the "costs of doing business." The educational system is not a business, it is funded by the public, does not turn a profit, and things that are wasteful need to be cut from their budget. The surrounding counties do not offer this "perk" to their school superintendents.

I am glad to see that The Sun keeps us alert to this type of financial abuse. Unfortunately, it never seems to stop in Baltimore. Of course, we do have a Baltimore County executive who has written a lucrative pension for himself.

John Schlaffer, Parkville

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