Arundel police are doing better with less

In response to the Feb. 25 article "Arundel police unions fault administration," I would like your readers to understand the following:

The safety of those who live in, work in, and visit Anne Arundel County remains paramount for County Executive John R. Leopold and the chief of police. Undeniably, our county, our state, and most of the free world have experienced the economic downturn over the past several years. Prudent managers, having fiscal responsibility over public and private organizations, tightened or even cut their expenditures.

The Anne Arundel County Police did more then just cut expenses. We looked for ways to succeed in the face of adversity. We began a new policing management philosophy and strengthened our partnerships with federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies. Over the course of the past several years, we have implemented an organizational model for effective crime reduction strategies, called the "Stratified Model."

As a result of these efforts, Anne Arundel County is experiencing its lowest recorded crime rate, including downward trends in our preliminary 2011 tactical reporting of Part I violent crime. The first 10 months of 2011 have recorded a 10 percent reduction in overall Part I crimes, a 5.6 percent reduction in violent crime and a 39 percent reduction in crimes using handguns.

Our organizational successes are shared and appreciated by all. Unattained goals, or goals yet to be achieved, must be viewed as problems to be corrected rather than as the fault of people to be identified and blamed. I am honored to serve as Anne Arundel County's police chief, and I continue to have full faith and confidence in all police department members and our crime fighting strategy.

James Teare Sr., Annapolis

The writer is Anne Arundel County chief of police.

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