What's the matter with Brian Roberts?

It would help readers of The Baltimore Sun to have The Sun investigate more deeply the problems of Brian Roberts ("Roberts likely to miss FanFest," Jan 12). We all know there is something wrong here, but no one wants to talk about it. What are we hiding? What are we covering up? To continue to pass this problem off as a result of a concussion seems odd to some of us — I say this gingerly because I am a big fan of Brian — but I think that he may be hurting.

To read in today's paper that he will not be able to attend FanFest because "doctors had advised him that the event could cause further stress" and have this followed by the comments of General Manager Dan Duquette just shows the confusion in discussing the Brian Roberts issue.

Questions would be: What is the Medical Problem here? Have there been Second Opinions? Why don't we see the names of the physicians involved?

Mr. Roberts was signed to a large contract before all of this happened. Does he still draw his huge salary, and does he still have obligations to the Oriole Organization? Where is Peter Angelos in this confusion? There are many other questions that his fans need to have answers so as to be able to express compassion to Brian, but we are not getting help from our Sunpapers with the superficial reporting as seen in today's paper.

Dr. Raymond D. Bahr, Baltimore

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