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Gay marriage does not violate the First Amendment

The article "Md. bishops call on Catholics to oppose same-sex marriage" (Nov. 10) would be comical if it weren't so sad. Seems the bishops in charge think they can lie to their congregations by stating that their First Amendment rights would be violated if same sex marriages would be recognized by Maryland. So, by allowing the state to recognize same sex marriages, others' rights would be violated? This makes no sense. No one is suggesting the Catholic church marry gay or lesbian couples.

The statement further says "Religious liberty and the right of conscience will be further eroded..." Any rational person who's paid attention to the despicable acts of church leaders sexually abusing children — or covering it up — over the years would agree that the Catholic church is in no position to opine on the "right of conscience." With our communities struggling with homelessness, poverty and abuse, why are the bishops focusing on spreading lies about same-sex marriage? Its no wonder there are more and more Catholics leaving the church every day.

Thomas Kazmierczak, Baltimore

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