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Morici has sound advice for economy

It was refreshing to read Peter Morici's recent commentary regarding trade with China ("China currency bill: America fights back," Oct. 11). After nearly three years of a failing economy presided over by the Obama administration, it would seem President Barack Obama should jettison his current economic team and hire economists like Professor Morici who provide a different point of view as to what ails the economy and what solutions should be undertaken. The input from the former and current economic team has not turned the economy around.

The president's jobs bill has been called just another stimulus plan by the GOP. I personally think both views are correct. Yes, it will provide some needed jobs, but it is also a stimulus plan to increase consumption. The bad news is that a great deal of the consumption will be for foreign-made goods, especially those from China. So yes, it is a jobs bill for China as much as it is for American workers. Mr. Obama needs some fresh ideas to get this economy back to the vibrancy of the past. And please stop blaming George Bush — that excuse is getting old!

Michael Vance Ernest Sr., Catonsville

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