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No excuses for tax-dodging politicians

It is no wonder Baltimore is fiscally in trouble. Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, mayoral contender and Baltimore Clerk of the Court Frank Conaway and Register of Wills Mary Conaway all are trying to skirt the homestead property tax credit law by applying for credit they are not entitled to.

More important to the voters is the message they send to others who try the same thing and then say they made a mistake and didn't read all the documents they signed.

When a mortgage is applied for, the mortgage officer asks how the property is going to be used, and this information is used to determine the down payment and rate of interest. It is a federal offense to lie on mortgage documents.

The intended use of the property is also clearly marked on the property tax bill in the top right hand corner.

To say this oversight is a result of not reading documents is not believable. It is simply theft, and we don't need thieving politicians. If they are elected to make the laws, then let them follow the law as well.

Mr. Conaway's department is responsible for the processing of property records, so what does this say about his ability to do this job, let alone that of mayor?

J. Michael Collins, Reisterstown

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