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The so-called anti-Sharia law movement: A chilling example of the paranoid style in American politics

Del. Ron George from Annapolis objects to those who make light of the anti-Sharia movement in the U.S. ("Sharia law is a real threat to American liberties," Aug. 24.) He argues that imposing Sharia law is the stated goal of Islamic extremists like al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, the Taliban and Hamas.

He may be right, but how does that lead to the conclusion that we in the U.S. are threatened by the imposition of Sharia law in this country?

As a Republican, Delegate George surely doesn't believe that the Taliban, al-Qaida, Hamas or Hezbollah are poised to overrun us and establish Sharia law here by force. Saudi Arabia would rather enslave us to its oil than dominate us through Sharia, and most other Muslim countries have enough troubles of their own without having to worry about invading use to impose Sharia.

Mr. George says many Muslims in this country have fled Sharia in their own countries in order to benefit from the freedoms our Constitution offers. Even if they had the power to do so, it seems unlikely these Muslims would be eager to recreate the very system they fled in their adopted land.

Mr. George also says he and his fellow anti-Sharia warriors are only interested in opposing those elements of the Sharia code that exert their influence over the military, legal and political institutions of a country. Does he suspect there are Sharia proponents in the Pentagon, in the Supreme Court or in the executive and legislative branches of government?

It troubles me that the Republican Party is turning into a hatchery of illogic. The anti-Sharia movement is primarily a GOP invention, and it's a chilling example of what has been called the paranoid style in American politics. Worst of all, its actual purpose has nothing to do with establishing the primacy of the U.S. Constitution, and everything to do with intimidating and frightening Muslims living in this country.

Usha Nellore, Bel Air

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