Sharia law is no threat

Del. Ron George ("Sharia law is real threat to American liberties," Aug 24) obviously failed to grasp the meaning in the opposition to anti-Sharia movements. Hardly anybody wants Sharia law in America, which, if it were implemented, would indeed be detrimental to our way of life — just like Christian or Jewish law has no place in a secular democracy. The issue is not that we should permit Sharia law, but that there is no Sharia law in American jurisprudence, and that our Constitution wouldn't allow it under the separation of church and state.

The issue is that callous politicians create a problem that doesn't exist to divide communities by creating unfounded fear and then run their campaigns on eliminating these non-existing threats. Delegate George should focus his energies on real problems, like the many people without access to health insurance. If that is too complex for him, he could write a bill outlawing earthquakes. That would make equally little sense as outlawing non-existing Sharia law, but at least he would not create sectarianism in our country as a result of his legislative fervor.

Thomas Jandl, Towson

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