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Corporations are not all bad

Thomas Schaller, at first read of your fake "constitution for corporations," I am thinking that you have way too much time on your hands ("We, the corporations" Aug 24). Then, I'm wondering if UMBC is considered a corporation. Is the state of Maryland incorporated? What about The Baltimore Sun? Have you published anything through a corporation?

My husband is a doctor. What is his greatest contribution? He runs an incorporated small business in the state of Maryland wherein each person is the center of a wide circle of other people who benefit because of the executives of the corporation. If this one little corporation should fail, how many people would be out of work? Would that include the plumbers, grass cutters, painters, landscape artists and others who could be hired? Yes, sadly, they would be affected.

Mr. Schaller, am I reading the word "profit" as though it were a divisive 6-letter word? Don't you want to make a profit from any and each of the undertakings that you are involved in? Don't you want your students to make profits? What about UMBC and The Baltimore Sun? Those corporations could not make a profit if you did not do your job well. You deserve a raise.

Dolores Orlando, Towson

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