If Gov. O'Malley is out to lunch on taxes, Speaker Busch is out to lunch and dinner

O'Malley is out to lunch! ("O'Malley: Taxes on the table in 2012," Aug. 21.) When will he ever take any responsibility for anything? It is always the Republicans' fault. Thank goodness he will be gone in three years.

In your article, House Speaker Michael E. Busch says that the state has a backlog of $6 billion to $8 billion in school maintenance. OK, I do not deny that estimate, but he goes on to say that if the state were to fund these projects, it would create 25,000 jobs. That comes to $240,000 to $320,000 a job. Great work if you can find it. Only if we had moved forward with slots in 2003! When will Speaker Busch ever take responsibility for his opposition to slots and gaming in Maryland during the Ehrlich years? I figure it cost the state at least $6 to $8 billion in lost revenue. If Governor O'Malley is out to lunch, Speaker Busch is out to lunch and dinner!

John C. Reith, Baltimore

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