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Outdoors Girl column important to watermen

I believe the Baltimore Sun made a grave mistake by canceling Outdoors Girl Candus Thomson's column. As president of the Maryland Watermen's Association, I often locked horns with Candus, but I always felt that she showed both sides of an issue and was always fair, and even though a bit controversial, it was good for the public and paper sales. The thousands of recreational and commercial fishermen, hunters and outdoorsmen and women in the state need her column, or one like it, to represent their interests.

I know people on the Eastern Shore subscribed to the Sun because of her column, and I can say that I am a subscriber who may unsubscribe because the most important aspect of the paper that I read first is now gone. As a lifelong waterman and hunter, her column was important to me personally and professionally. She also always kept the Department of Natural Resources' feet to the fire, and this was good reporting and writing.

It is my hope that the Sun will figure out a way to reinstate her column.

Larry Simns

The writer is president of the Maryland Watermen's Association.

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