Local officials should quit whining about PlanMaryland

I'm disappointed by the whining of certain county officials during PlanMaryland discussions at the Maryland Association of Counties conference ("State land-use plan prompts objections," Aug. 20).

As a fiscal conservative, I agree with most of PlanMaryland's land use policies because they promote economically sustainable development, protect the value of existing businesses and homes, improve our quality of life and reduce wasteful spending of our taxes.

The article reported that certain county chiefs "complained that the plan to link local aid to compliance with statewide goals would take authority away from localities." PlanMaryland doesn't restrict county authority. So is the whining really about losing state tax money for wasteful pet projects?

Then there's the whining that four months isn't long enough to review PlanMaryland. Why isn't four months enough time for county leaders with full-time, professional planning staffs? Isn't that more time than county officials give citizens to review county plans and policies?

Kudos to the two county executives who did read PlanMaryland. One essentially said "no problem, we do that stuff already" and the other, "the plan left out something we want included." There was no quote from the Harford County executive. I hope that means that means Harford's master plan, currently being drafted, already complies with PlanMaryland.

Morita Bruce, Fallston

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