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The environment is a good thing

Usually I recycle Marta Mossburg's ultra-conservative rants without reading them. But her column "Kids' TV: last bastion of liberal utopia," Aug. 17, was so outrageous, I had to respond. Let me start with this sentence: "Individualism is bad, the collective — and especially the environment — are good."

Individualism is not bad, but it is foolish. Imagine a single person demanding an eight-hour-day. The corporate officials would have been roaring with laughter. In a time when a presidential candidate opines that corporations are people, we better unite as the corporate elite are destroying the middle class and slashing the poor's safety net.

I have no idea how anyone would think the environment is bad. We have another presidential candidate who is a climate chaos denier. Mother Earth is in dire shape, and we must all try to save the planet for the children. I would think every mother would want her children to be exposed to programs aimed at saving the world from environmental degradation.

Mossburg is upset, as she "would like to see a few more characters who overcome adversity through their own hard work and free will." What a utopian idea — a single person goes up against the billions of dollars in British Petroleum's bank vault. She's really peeved: "I would like other options besides political indoctrination." If she is going to get upset about programming for the children, aim her arrow at the attempts to make the kids want mommy to buy them the latest commercial products.

Max Obuszewski, Baltimore

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