Obama should get off the bus and work on improving the economy

President Obama has embarked on a bus tour. ("President promises jobs plan: On bus tour, he calls on Congress to act, says government isn't 'holding us back,'" Aug. 16). The White House says "Obama is on a listening tour to hear from Americans about the economy and talk about how to boost jobs and hiring." He must really be out of touch with reality if he needs to get on a bus to know how bad it is. I have a novel idea. Instead of campaigning around the country, how about he stays in Washington and works on improving things. Seems like it would work out better for him if instead of talking about how to improve things, he would actually do something to improve things. Or maybe I am just expecting too much. 2012 cannot come quick enough for me. A new president is the change I can believe in.

Robert Schwartz, Owings Mills

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