Warren Buffett was right to call for higher taxes

Warren Buffett was right for his call for higher taxes/debunking the "lost jobs" claim of the ideologues ("Buffett wants wealthier Americans taxed more," Aug. 16).

Thanks to the tea party, controlling the spiraling debt is now a priority. Now the tea party representatives need to actually "govern." The magnitude of the debt cannot be addressed by spending cuts alone!

The GOP hard line of "no new taxes" has morphed into an idiotic stand on retaining the multiple special deals/exemptions, etc. The GOP has lost its focus of its bedrock support of the free enterprise system. All the special deals/exemptions/subsidies are the antithesis of ensuring fair competition in the marketplace.

The Democrats, but for the tea party, would have continued to ignore the debt and gift tax dollars to their political base. Blatant partisanship on both sides of the isle makes it hard to criticize the debt downgrade.

Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security are irrevocable national policy entitlements. To the group of 12, I suggest: everybody pays the "payroll taxes" regardless of income type, and without an upper limitation.

The debate on the debt has created an awareness of all the special deals; the magnitude of the debt/imbalance of the budget and our responsibilities to the younger generations, demands an "exorcism" of all the special deals, subsidies, etc. from all levels of government and a return to sustainable governmental fiscal responsibility.

E. Alexander Adams, Glenwood

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