A (drastic) solution to prison overcrowding

Regarding your editorial "Downsizing Md.'s prisons" (Aug. 14), I certainly agree that Maryland should not need the prisons that it has, and I shouldn't have to pay the tremendous cost of providing free room, board, medical care, entertainment, etc. to people who are not fit to mingle with the law-abiding populace.

The answer, which I realize is counter to the preaching of The Sun's editors and columnists, is to rid the world of those who have the mental make-up to kill others in the commission of a crime.

I would like to see an end to the sentence of life imprisonment. Individuals who have been convicted of murder (including intent to murder), rape, armed robbery and other crimes involving the use of a deadly weapon should be put to death by a firing squad shortly after being found guilty.

Forget allowing appeals that go on for years. Additionally, those found guilty of manufacturing, importing, or distributing illegal drugs should be dispatched the same way.

I guarantee there would be far fewer serious crimes in Maryland if this program were carried out. Isn't it obvious that nothing else is working?

Louis Storm, Bel Air

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