Save it for Virginia, Mr. Marshall

I take issue with Virginia Del. Bob Marshall's commentary on Gov. Martin O'Malley's support for same-sex marriage ("On marriage, O'Malley should heed O'Brien," Aug. 16).

He should save his opinions for himself and other Virginians — and get out of Maryland's business. I'm proud of our governor's courage in standing up to religious bullies like Mr. Marshall.

People like Mr. Marshall never seem to hear anyone but themselves. All Governor O'Malley and others like him are trying to do is ensure that people who want to have a family – something Mr. Marshall strongly supports — have the right to do so in peace and with the same protections others enjoy.

Mr. Marshall, on the other hand, wants to foist his archaic beliefs on everyone, trampling their rights in the name of religion.

Thanks, but he can keep his religion — and I'll keep my lifestyle.

Marc Hayes, Baltimore

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