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News of cyber attack should be prominently displayed

As all Americans mourn the 30 brave warriors who died recently in Afghanistan defending America against new terrorist attacks, it is indeed unfortunate that you relegated to a tiny section of Page A10 an important story about another attack — a cyber-attack — against America that has been ongoing for five to six years ("Warning on cyberspying," Aug. 13). Objective evidence points to China and Russia as the sources of a sustained campaign of cyber-espionage to steal America's intellectual property, technological advancements, and military and business secrets. I hope that all Americans learn the facts about this attack, and demand that Congress assist our U.S. intelligence services, both military and civilian, in quickly defeating it and thereby preserving America's national security, economic recovery, jobs development, and new business creation. The Baltimore Sun could assist this educational effort by doing ongoing investigative reporting on this matter of national security, and publishing the results on Page A1.

Richard Shannahan, Lutherville

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