Street lights burning during the day: government waste

When we lived off Lake Avenue, I noticed the lights on the Falls Road bridge over the railroad tracks were often on in the day. I have also noticed that typically some of the west side Beltway lights are on. Wednesday, for example, a long string of these lights were on as we traveled the Westside at 9 a.m. and were still on when we returned seven hours later. These are not isolated instances and have been going on for years — no, decades.

This is another example of government waste. What entity is paying for this, who is responsible for this and why is it that no one addresses it? Our local politicians, county and state managers all must have noticed this over the decades, but have done nothing about it. What a waste!

Perhaps we should bring it to their attention when they are running for office, rather than now.

W. James Price, Towson,

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