Tea party congressmen are the last great hope to stop the tax and spend agenda

I am fed up with the over the top criticism the tea party congressmen have been getting from members of the Obama Administration, Democrats in the Senate and the House, liberal pundits, and even from the inside the beltway Republicans who don't appreciate the fact that if it were not for the tea party freshmen class in the House, the Democrats would have remained the majority party. Vice President Joe Biden most recently called the tea party members of Congress "terrorists." Other liberals have labeled tea party advocates as stupid or dangerous.

The tea party members in the House are the last great hope of stopping this massive tax and spend agenda of President Obama from leading this nation over the cliff to financial disaster and destroying our freedoms and way of life. The tea party Congressmen elected to office are a product of millions of Americans of the tea party movement who have stood up and said, "enough is enough" of this out of control government.

If the tea party, which is trying to save this country, are "terrorists," then what would one call the government run by the Obama administration and liberals in Congress with the failed stimulus bills and bailouts, a monstrous federal health care law that nobody read, out of control spending, over regulation of the private sector, refusal to drill for the ample domestic supply of gas and oil during this energy crisis, the arrogance to tell us what foods we should eat, and even what kind of light bulbs we can burn in our homes. The labels that come readily to my mind are "dictatorship," "socialist state," and "an arrogant ruling class."

John A. Malagrin, Baltimore

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