Debt limit deal shows the failure of Obama's leadership

I applaud your editorial regarding the debt limit deal ("We Need An Election," Aug. 2). The recent debt ceiling compromise was no victory for the American public. It was a victory for a gang of extremist thugs who held the nation hostage and were prepared to send our economy over the edge unless they got their way.

The tragedy is that these extremists were able to change the nation's economic dialogue from one of growing the economy and creating jobs to one of balancing the budget in a way that will further destroy jobs. Amazing considering that, according to recent polls, 80 percent are more concerned about job creation than debt and that 60 percent believe that the debt solution should entail revenue increases as well as job-killing spending cuts.

President Obama's failure to prevail, given the fact that the polls demonstrate that public opinion supported his position, speaks to his failure in leadership.

Jack Kinstlinger, Baltimore

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