How can Maryland have mixed views about illegal immigration?

The "mixed views" in our state concerning illegal Immigration are perplexing to me ("Maryland becomes a state divided," July 31). How can a subject identified with the word "illegal" be greeted with "mixed views"? We are a sovereign nation with federal laws enacted to protect our borders against illegal intrusion. Some of the quotes in your article can not go without rebuttal.

"This is America, land of the free." Yes it is, for legal immigrants coming across our borders.

Gustavo Torres, director of Casa de Maryland's headquarters states: there are organizations in our state who "have shielded immigrants in Maryland from policies like those in states such as Arizona and Utah, which have aggressive programs to check immigration status." Mr. Torres conveniently leaves out the word "illegal" in his comment. He also goes on to state:

"They protect civil rights." Mr. Torres must understand that illegal immigrants have no civil rights.

The article goes on to quote an illegal immigrant who states that without access to in-state college tuition rates, "they have no hope of moving ahead in life." This is also the plight of children born to legal citizens in our country.

why is it so difficult for so many to understand legal versus illegal?

Stephen A. Favazza, Timonium

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