Governor O'Malley: a singing socialist

In the short time I have lived in Maryland, Martin O'Malley has certainly entertained me. His singing, for sure, as well as the pandering to every environmental or socialist cause available.

Targeting Washington Republicans for stomping on the economy by holding the line on the federal debt limit, though, went way beyond being entertaining.

Governor O'Malley and his cronies representing Baltimore and Prince Georges County have rammed through a myriad of rules, restrictions and plain old bureaucratic hurdles for the Maryland economy.

Several examples are:

•Attempting to require costly new sewer systems for rural subdivisions of five or more lots instead of legal and proper septic systems now mandated by state law.

•Tree-planting regulations for any developer of waterfront properties requiring trees be planted directly in front of the newly constructed home, thereby eliminating what the homeowner wants, a water view.

•Seeking to hike the Bay Bridge tolls 100 percent or 200 percent to fund other worthwhile projects while neglecting an already rusting facility.

•A 200- foot buffer setback requirement for new waterfront homes, legally taking an additional 100 feet away from the owner's use, but still allowing the counties to collect tax on the unused area.

Undermining the economy? I think Governor O'Malley is lining up for Vice President Joe Biden's spot on the 2012 ticket.

J.D. Nielsen, Easton

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