Harford County needs less central planning

Planning is complicated, especially as those who make the decisions are rarely the same as those whose lives are affected. I wonder, though, if a little less government planning and a little more of citizens building solutions might do us all (and county budgets) some good.

I noticed that on April 29, a Harford County-funded Arbor Day tree planting was held at Cedar Lane Regional Park (close to the Bynum Run Conservation Area). The idea was to promote caring for the community forest to foster a healthy environment in a sustainable community.

Now it appears that the same county government will tear down some nearby trees to clear for a new road through the conservation area to connect the Cedarday community to Route 136.

This kind of central planning creates a cycle of constantly evolving new needs which government must counter with more "solutions." That is costly, leaves out real citizen involvement, and does not ultimately result in a higher quality of life as often promised.

History has shown the failure of this approach even though each single step seems so necessary or appealing. A little less government interference (and the spending of related taxpayer funds), please. Let's try for a little more citizen-designed solutions!

Cindy Sharretts, Aberdeen

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