A plan for citizens to buy back our national debt

My suggestion to the Government Accountability Office and the president is to give the citizens of this great nation a venue to buy back our national debt and hold it in perpetuity, never to be used as collateral on a national mortgage again.

If the president and the GAO will tell us, the citizenry, the account number and an address to send the money to, those of us who are willing and able can put our money where the problem is. Since Congress is so involved in political wrangling in the midst of a crisis, we shouldn't involve them. They do best when they don't have to make a decision of critical importance to the rest of us.

We can do this as a nation without having to bother Congress to pass more bills to clog the archives. We can pay it at tax time, however much we feel we can spare, above and beyond what we owe, or we can pay it as we have it, like offerings at church, or monthly, like a bill. The money goes directly to buy down the debt, and if every citizen gave a few dollars a month, how soon would we be paring it down to below 50 percent of our GNP? Right now we owe 98.7 percent of our gross national product, so we need to act now, while Congress postures for the political mirror.

Danny Lynn O'Hern

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