President Obama is trying to aid the poor; the rich should help

Ron Smith's attempt to characterize the president's view as the evil rich against the saintly poor is way off base ("Obama's case against the rich rings hollow," July 1).

The president well knows that the rich are smart, savvy and aggressive. He also knows that the poor usually have problems with health, education and family issues.

What's lacking in the rich is compassion. Those who recently arose from difficult circumstances remember the ones who could not. Others have been rich so long that they've forgotten the ones they left behind.

The current poor are more accurately characterized as the same "huddled masses" who came to our shores years ago. They need a climate in which they can become successful rather than the current climate in which they stagnate and multiply.

The president is right to attempt to lift the poor from their circumstances. The rich should be willing to help.

Margaret Pagan

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