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Illegal immigrants do not have constitutional rights

A delusional progressive mindset has polluted the American legal system ( "ICE raid suit alleges gang death threat" June 26). For the ACLU to claim illegal immigrants have constitutional rights on the taxpayers dime goes beyond ridiculous.

For the American University to voluntarily bastardize our legal system by promoting this behavior through its own "school of law" is not only beyond ridiculous but wholeheartedly un-American. To claim an illegal has constitutional rights protecting their desire to live in this nation is entirely contradictory to the legal immigration process and only serves to deprive legal citizens of opportunity. Our constitution clearly denies the right to illegally enter U.S. soil, so illegal entry cannot grant an individual the privilege of constitutional rights and protections designed to be enjoyed by legal taxpaying citizens. Illegal entry should be rewarded with nothing short of legal deportation

Jason Propane

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